Tuesday, October 28

Chicken Dance

The Apron Queen created a great new recipe Ay Caramaba! Chicken Spaghetti using Velveeta cheese. Right now she is having The Apron Queen's Chicken Dance Giveaway to promote her participation in the Velveeta Casserole Challenge. For the giveaway post pictures of your family doing the chicken dance and be entered to win up to 4 aprons of your choice from Rick Rack Attack. As for the Velveeta Casserole Challenge she is hoping you will vote for her recipe starting October 30 and you should as it is so yummy!!
My girls wanted to make a movie so here are my girls doing the "Funky Chicken Dance!" (That is what Princess A said they call it at school.)


  1. Thanks for making me smile! Was drinking my morning coffee to wake up. Now, after laughing and smiling- I'm awake. YOU ROCK! Your girls are adorable. Thanks for entering.

  2. those are two cuties there...I loved it...


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