Friday, June 25

First Hot Day

Two weeks ago we had our first hot day (hot being in the 70s) and the girls finally got to play in the sprinkler. They were so excited to put on swimsuits and grabbed their beach towels (they fold up like a back pack.) I discovered that our sunscreen had expired so all I had was some with alcohol in it (Princess A's skin peels when exposed to alcohol, at least that is the ingredient found in most hand sanitizers I think causes it) and some SPF 15 samples. Since I used the SPF 15 I also had them wear sunglasses and hats. It really is so much fun the first time running through the sprinkler each year! Princess G squeezed into a size 2T suit but it really did seem to fit her. After running through the sprinkler for a while it was time to dry off.
After this so called hot day it became very chilly and rainy for a while. We finally had another warm day Wednesday and Thursday. I will have to share pictures soon as Princess A said it was the best day ever!

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