Monday, June 21

Last Full Week of School

For the last full week of school everyday was a different dress-up theme. Wednesday was Flashback which means any previous decade. Of course we put if off to the last minute. Princess A really wanted to wear a poodle skirt but did not tell me until the morning of. Luckily I remember I had a small felt Scottie dog from some pajamas I received from Macy's (it was part of the package.) I quickly stitched the dog on and a long ribbon as the leash/collar. Not bad considering I did it that morning and only had a few minutes.
Princess A has also been begging to have a hot lunch at school but I have been putting it off since she does not enjoy the food most kids love, she can not stand corn dogs and mac and cheese for example. They were having hamburgers (it read a school BBQ but they were not grilled!) so she finally got a school lunch. As a treat I also bought Princess G one and as torture for myself as well. The fruit and cookie were great but the burger tasted almost as if they had boiled it (yuk!)

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