Tuesday, June 22

Last Brownie Meetings of the School Year

The second to last meeting was all about friendship so each of the girls made a friendship bracelet. Since no one was able to finish they were sent home for the girls to finish and bring to the next meeting. I made some extras in case some of the girls forgot but they all remembered. They then placed the bracelets in a basket and each girl got one made by a Brownie friend.

At the last meeting they also handed out prizes from the cookie sales and each girl received a girl Scout backpack with their names embroidered on it (they were bought with cookie money.

After cake the girls went out to play together until parents came to pick them up.
Princess A was playing on the monkey bars and was so proud when she made it all the way across for the first time.

Princess A had a great year as a Brownie and can't wait to do it again. Princess G is going to a Daisy and I am going to be the troop leader. I have no idea what I am doing so wish me luck!!

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  1. Do you girls enjoy Girl Scouts? Do you? How old does a little girl have to be to join? I'd love to hear more about it. :)



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