Monday, June 28

Toy Story 3 Movie

Have you seen the new Toy Story movie? We have been counting down Toy Story 3's release and probably know all the words to the previews. The girls like to quote the Barbie and Ken exchange: "Nice leg warmers. Nice ascots!" Daddy took all three of his girls to Toy Story 3 last Monday! Princess G adores Jessie so I think she was the most excited, though all of us could hardly wait for the movie to start. Daddy also got popcorn and a lemonade, by the time it was passed down to me there was not a lot left,
I loved the movie and I did tear up for the ending. The ending was a little surprising to me but a perfect fit. I know that we will be buying the DVD when it finally comes out. We saw the regular movie not the 3D since Princess G and I feel uncomfortable wearing those special glasses, they just hurt our ears by the end of a movie.

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