Tuesday, July 8

Paper Hats

Princess A woke up yesterday and wanted to make a paper hat. At first I was not sure which kind she wanted, a crown or a cone shape. Eventually I figured out what she was picturing and we made these. I did not have any paper large enough so I taped two pieces together. Princess A picked black and Princess G wanted black and yellow. After I made the hats they decorated them. Princess G put all of her stickers on the inside so I turned her hat inside out so you could see the decorations. Of course she then put the hat on backwards. I realized later I forgot to take a picture of Princess A in her hat so right before bed I had her put the hat back on for her picture.


  1. The hats are adorable, what a fun project!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving get well wishes for my friend!

  2. What a cute idea! I love these hats! They did such a great job. :)


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