Tuesday, July 22

Corn Tortilla Picnic

My girls wanted plain corn tortillas toasted in the toaster for a snack. They did not want anything on them, just plain. At least I got them to toast them, the day before they ate them straight out of the bag. They were so excited and kept telling me that they loved their 'Daddy Tortilla Picnic'. I like the flour ones so they are Mommy tortillas and the corn are Daddy tortillas since they are his favorite.


  1. We are big Tex-Mex fans, but have never heard of toasting tortillas in a toaster--gonna have to try that sometime! Your daughter is a real cutie-such large, expressive eyes! BTW, Aunt Julie needs help planning the rehearsal dinner for her son's wedding, and needs your help. Plus, she's giving away a complete set of Pop'rs in the bargain-the best way to encourage your family to Eat Their Veggies! Please drop in sometime and check it out!

  2. My silly kids eat them like this too. :) Good luck on the apron giveaway!

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