Friday, July 25

3 Year Check-up

Princess G went to the Doctors yesterday and she is officially on the weight chart!! Happy dance!! She is above 10% for height and weight. Now most people would not be celebrating 10% but considering she dropped off the weight chart (way off the chart) at about 9 months it is indeed happy news. We don't know for sure why she dropped off the weight chart, but it probably stems from the fact that when she was 2 months old we found out that she was allergic to dairy, soy and nuts. I was breastfeeding at the time so I had to remove all dairy, soy and nuts from my diet. Believe me that is not easy. I had to give up almost all commercially made food (Safeway french bread was the only bread I could eat). I made almost everything from scratch, my DH bought me a bread machine. When she was 16 months old I slowly reintroduced those food into my diet and a few months later she began eating them also. She has outgrown the allergy/sensitivity and now can eat anything. The Doctor said that she appears healthy, she always was even with low weight (surprisingly she was never anemic). The other good news, well for Princess G at least, was no shots were needed today. I know she will have quite a few next year but for today no shots or the dreaded finger prick (her blood work was perfect last year so it was not needed today). I say dreaded because Princess A hates finger pricks, she always offers to get a shot instead.


  1. She's adorable! My Bean is barely on the weight charts herself. She was at I think the 3rd percentile for her 3 year check up. She was a preemie, so she's been behind the curve from the beginning. We just transitioned her from the crib to a toddler bed a month or so ago. She's doing great. You may can find a nice toddler bed for not too much to use until the twin bed comes in. The twin bed we have for The Bean just seemed way to big for her still, but the toddler bed has been great.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog for the giveaway! Come visit anytime.

  2. Yeah! Good news :)

    She is so cute.

    My cousins baby is just one but is very, very small and has the same allergies or sensitivities. Everyone is so worried about her. I hope her outcome is as good as Miss G's.



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