Wednesday, July 2

We have a New Puppy

We just got a new puppy today. Her name is Chloe or as the girls call her Chloe Girl. My DH has been wanting a dog for years, we tried twice before. When Princess A was about 18 month we went to meet a beagle. But once the dog jumped on Princess A she wanted nothing to do with a dog after that. Then a year and half ago we actually got a dog and had her for one day. Princess G loved her until she came to our house. At that point Princess G cried if the dog even looked at her. I had to carry Princess G everywhere and by the end of the day it was getting worse so we returned the dog. This time seems like the perfect match. Chloe has been great so far. Two little accidents right after she arrived but since then she has gone outside. I hope tonight goes well. She is 14 weeks old and we are taking her to the vet on Saturday for a check-up. This is our first family dog and we are all very excited.
Isn't she just adorable?

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  1. Awww...she is SO cute!! I love furry little puppies like yours. :)


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