Thursday, August 26

5 Simple Ideas to Keep a Child's Smile Healthy

Dental healthy is very important and as a family we make it a priority. Here are 5 simple steps to help your child have a healthier smile:

1. Drink water at the end of a meal or after a snack. It helps to wash away the food residue on your teeth. I always have the girls take a drink of water after eating especially if we are out and about.

2. Floss once a day. We love the REACH Flosser, it just makes it so much easier to get the floss into their little mouths.

3. Brush twice a day (truthfully we sometimes miss after breakfast)

4. If you can't brush after a meal our dentist recommended chewing gum that contains Xylitol, it is a sugar free sweetener found in Trident. My dentist actually sent a sample of the gum home with me at my dentist appointment.

5. Buy character toothbrushes. My girls always brush more when they have a character they love on their toothbrush. Right now they both have Disney Princesses.

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