Saturday, August 7

Last day at Seaside

We woke up early for a walk along the beach. The girls and Daddy found a few broken sand dollars and deciding it was to cold headed back to our blanket to play in the sand. I found a ton of unbroken sand dollars. My search for sand dollars took to long and the girls started heading off the beach so this was the only picture I got of them on the beach our last day at Seaside. The girls wanted to visit the arcade so after checking out of the hotel we went. Princess A wanted to try the race car one first. She also really wanted to whack some sharks! Princess G tried the jumping jack game, I am still not sure how that one is suppose to be played but she had fun. For Princess G last game she had Daddy play the race car one with her. We had a very small amount of tickets which the girls used to get a spider and pink vampire teeth. Just before we left we made sure to get a picture in front of the Lewis and Clack statue. I remember visiting the same spot when I was about 11 or 12. We loved Seaside and plan on visiting again, next time for even longer than this trip. Princess G had a wonderful birthday and she said everything was perfect but she wishes the water was not so icy.

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