Friday, August 20

A Day Out with Mommy

When Princess G had her five year check-up we decided to make it a day out. Right after the appointment, which went well and she is very healthy, we went to this park. The park is not near our house but near the doctor's office so it was perfect. The girls played in the stream and traipsed through the woods. They also found 'interesting and fun rocks' in the creek bed. Surprisingly they did not get too wet. Next to the creek is a playground which they had a blast on. We stayed for over an hour. As a special treat I told the girls I would take them out to eat where ever they wanted and they picked Thai. We ordered Pad Thai and yellow curry chicken. We were stuffed. I did stop and a few more places on the way home which the girls grudgingly agreed to (I bribed them with a stop at the library). I have discovered that the girls will go on more errands with me if we stop at the library but it has to be the last stop as once they have their books they just want to come home and read them!

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