Friday, August 6

Princess G's Birthday at Seaside, OR

The first thing Princess G wanted to do was open her gifts. Her favorite present was Lotsobear! She decided that she wanted on about a week before her birthday. I tried ordering one online but they were out of stock. We no longer have a Disney store near us (they only have one in the state and it is far away.) I called the store in Concord, CA and they had them! I called my sister-in-law and she graciously picked it up and mailed Lotsobear so it would arrive before we left. The wonderful Auntie that she is she also picked up one for Princess A also! The girls adore their Lotsbears and have been sleeping with them every night since then. After breakfast we decided to drive to Cannon Beach. It was nice until we got to the beach and the wind picked up. It felt as though we were in a sand storm. Luckily once we reached Haystack rock it provided a little protection from the wind. The girls loved looking at the tide pools and all of the starfish clinging to the rocks. It was still chilly but worth it for the tide pools. When I was little we sometimes went to Santa Cruz and I loved exploring the tide pools there. There is Haystack rock, well worth battling the winds but next time we will try and go on a windless day. Princess G loved walking in the small pools and of course splashing around!
She also had a great time watching the sea anemones opening and closing. As cold as it was Princess A still wanted to go swimming. We let her get her toes wet and I still don't understand how she did not get frost bite, it was that cold! Eventually we made it back to Seaside which was a little windy but not nearly as bad as Cannon Beach. Princess A had a great time playing on the balcony of our hotel room. We were staying right by the river. Princess G really wanted a Happy meal for lunch so we picked that up with some soup and sandwiches from Safeway for us, and ate back in our hotel. they were cleaning our room so we ate in the breakfast room. The girls got changed and we went out to have ice cream cones. Next store was a candy store with a huge selection of over 170 flavors of salt water taffy so Daddy bought them a huge bag with most of the flavors available. Princess G asked to ride the carousel for her birthday so that is where we went next. As usual she named her horse 'Roses'. We went out for dinner and after singing Happy Birthday to Princess G we all shared a mud pie. After dinner we wandered down to the beach and the girls got Daddy to push them on the swing for a while. Of course we had to have cupcakes and candles on her birthday. She made the same wish from her birthday party, to be a fairy. Just too cute.
It was a wonderful birthday for my now five year old!
Happy Birthday my love!

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