Wednesday, August 4

Princess G's Birthday Week Trip

For Princess G's birthday we decided to take a trip to Seaside, OR. We decided to spend the first night in Portland and we stopped in Olympia for lunch along the drive. We stopped at our favorite sushi restaurant from when we used to live in Tumwater. They gave Princess G a special dessert in honor of her birthday and it was very yummy! Eventually we made to Portland and we stopped at the Rose Gardens. There is a small stage that the girls found and put on their own little show. The rose garden is so beautiful, it makes me want to plant even more roses in our garden. Of course my girls found the fountain in the garden and wanted to play with it. Near the gift shop the girls each got a snow cone, blue raspberry, the same color as their dresses. Eventually we went and checked in our hotel and went to find dinner.
For the first time in over five years my husband ate at a Red Robin. (There was an incident involving mayonnaise five years ago.) Princess G loved when they came to sing happy birthday and gave her a sundae. It was getting late but they still wanted to take a swim.
It was a great and very busy first day of our family vacation!

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