Wednesday, August 4

Second Day of Vacation

After a very yummy breakfast at the hotel, (did I mention it was yummy) we were on our way to Seaside, OR. The first thing the girls wanted to do was go to the beach! Daddy jumped right in and started building sand castles and sand mountains with the girls. Her last day as a four year old! The water was simply freezing but that did not stop them from wanting to go in.
The cold did stop them from getting wet above their knees. After we got cleaned up we went out for dinner and had breakfast. We ate at Pig n' Blanket and it was fun. They have a gift shop inside and the girls spent a long time looking at everything. I really liked Seaside, so many more things to see and do so than Ocean Shores, WA (I still like Ocean Shores but it is much smaller). It was a much longer drive to get to Seaside, but so worth it.

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