Sunday, May 11

Kiddie Pools

Here is picture from 2005, Princess A enjoying her favorite summer activity, the kiddie pool. She always starts asking in February if it is warm enough to fill the pool. I am sure we won't have a warm enough day for a few weeks at least.


  1. As soon as the snow is gone, my kids want the sprinkler on! It'll be a while yet.

  2. Hi Nor_Lou!

    You're the lucky mommy, winner of the Vintage Chemise on Shopalicious, compliments of Oh Cheri!

    Thanks so much for reading Shopalicious!

    Drop me a line with your name, mailing address, and telephone number and you'll receive your item directly from Oh Cheri!


  3. Fun times! I keep meaning to buy a kiddie pool - my daughter is going to love splashing around in the backyard! :)

  4. My girls cannot wait to break ours out every year! Fun memories!

    Congrats too on the Vintage Chemise...sounds wonderful!


    Alyson, the 3 P's Mama


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