Friday, May 2

Retro Poodle Baby Blanket

I just love baby blankets, the snugglier the better. My Mom sent Princess G the cutest little Retro Poodle Baby Blanket from Foxglove Cottage: The Shop For Your Retro Home. The blanket is so soft and snuggly. I just love the poodle print and the blue flannel is very soft. Both of my girls wanted the blanket for themselves but I only had one and it was for Princess G. Princess A the doggie lover wanted it for herself. I told her that it was Princess G's blanket but she could ask her sister to trade (I have final approval of all trades.)
Not to long ago I won an Apple Minky blanket by Quilt Baby from a contest on Design Mom. The Apple blanket is Princess A's but she offered it to her sister for the Retro Poodle Baby Blanket. They traded and now they are both very happy. They each sleep with their traded blankets everynight and during the day their babies take naps under them. Sometimes they are even bridal hats (veils).

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