Wednesday, May 7

Perfect Father's Day gift for my husband.

I know Mother's day is Sunday and I can't wait to see what my husband picks out. My daughter told me today "I made you a present and it is a surprise. It is a box with flowers on it with jewelry inside but you can't know what I made you." I told her "Sweetie don't tell me what you made, it is suppose to be a surprise!" :Don't worry Mommy I won't tell you about the flowers on the box that has jewelry in it!" I distracted her by telling her I found the perfect gift for her to give Daddy on Father's Day next month: Parents Magazine Sing Along Microphone. He tried to find something like it years ago when Princess A was 1. He will be so excited, he really is a kid at heart. Now we just have to see if she can keep the secret for a month. I am going to get him something else but this will be from the girls.


  1. NO my family it's my mother that can't keep a secret

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  3. That is so sweet -- my little one is 15 months old but I know our days like this are just ahead!


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