Sunday, May 18


It was 95 degrees yesterday which is 30 degrees over normal for our area. The princesses were outside running through the sprinkler by 9 am. About ten o'clock they got Daddy to scrub their kiddie pool. It was on the side of the house all winter and a bit dirty. By 11 o'clock it was just too hot outside even in the shade and in the pool. I got the girls to come in and we had lunch. I never let them out in the backyard the rest of the day. Later we went out to pick of some bricks (DH is putting in a walkway) and the temperature gauge on the car read 95 degrees. I would have liked to use the grill outside to cook dinner but we have not replaced the Grill (that was nested in) yet. I pulled out the Foremen grill instead. The salmon turned out great as did the asparagus. Today was a little cooler but still hot. Princess A had her best friend come over and all three girls played in the Elmo sprinkler, kiddie pool and chased each other with spray bottles. A little too warm but still a great weekend.

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