Monday, May 5

Animal(s) nesting in our BBQ Grill (updated)

We have to buy a new grill because the old one had an interesting winter. We have been having cold weather lately (snow not too long ago) so we have not tried to use the BBQ this year. I marinaded some chicken breasts and we were all excited to start grilling!! The whole family was in the backyard when my DH pulled off the cover. We just kind of stared for a while trying to figure out what was wrong. The grill was full of droppings and dead leaves. One dropping was even shiny and sparkly (I about freaked when the girls went to touch it EWW!). My DH said he was going to clean it out. He is a great cleaner but I did not think I could ever eat food grilled on that BBQ. The idea of cleaning it lasted about 2 minutes into the cleaning before he announced "We are getting a new grill!!" Now this was the third winter this grill has been in the same spot and this was the first time it was an animal hotel (at least I really hope so). Anyone want a used grill for free that needs some serious cleaning!!!

Update: I posted it on freecycle and I am waiting for someone to call back with a time for pick-up.
Updated again: It was just picked-up. I am glad someone will use. I just could not.

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