Sunday, May 4

Chocolate Bliss

I tried the new Hershey's new Bliss and it was so yummy. I just adored the milk chocolate with melt away center (no idea what that means but YUMMY!) I also really liked the plain milk chocolate. I even tried the dark chocolate and I must say not bad. Now I am not a fan of most dark chocolates but I actually kind of like it. I wanted to let everyone know that in the paper today they had a buy one get one free coupon for Hershey's Bliss, also there is a deal this week at Walgreen's for 2 bags for $4 dollars (after in store coupon). So with the coupon you could get 2 bags for $2, not bad for some yummy chocolate.


  1. Bliss..What is this new creature you speak of and why haven't I heard of it..sounds yummy!!
    (thanks for stopping by my blog!)

  2. I saw these in the grocery store yesterday, but opted for Dove chocolate instead (it was the same price).


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