Friday, March 13

Current by Discover Card

My girls are a little to little for an allowance though a few of their friends already get an allowance. I never got an allowance but when the girls are older the Current by Discover Card will be a great way to give them an allowance so they can learn to be fiscally responsible without the danger of credit cards. The Current by Discover Card is a debit card that the parents allot funds to. You can add funds daily, weekly or monthly. It would be nice not trying to remember bring home the exact amount to hand over for an allowance. Since the Current by Discover Card is a debit card when your child uses of the funds they can't make any more purchases so unlike a credit card they can't go over the limit, a great way to teach them to budget. The card is geared for 13 to 18 year olds so it will be awhile until the Princesses are old enough. I hope the Current by Discover Card is still around and it will be interesting to see how it will change in the next 8 or so years.

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