Thursday, March 5

Counting Pennies

Princess A wanted to count the money in her piggy bank. I really did not want to touch all that change but I agreed. Hey she is cute and hard to resist.
First we got an old magazine as I did not want them all over my floor. Then she sorted the coins into different piles. Next we made stacks of 10 coins each. We counted the stacks and found that she has $7.82.
Princess A then said "I must have more money than you Mommy!" She also told me what she wants to buy with all of her money. "I want to buy a Wedding Cinderella!" (She saw one at Toy's R Us on our new toy just because adventure last month.)Of course Princess G also wanted her change counted.
She had $3.57.

I messed up when we started to put the change back. I started to put Princess G's change in her sister's Piggy bank instead of her Hippo bank. Luckily I knew how much change and which kind so I just shook it out of the Piggy.
The funny thing was the next day Princess G was given homework to count pennies and nickels.


  1. Your girls are gorgeous!!!

    Thats so cute she wants to buy Wedding Cinderella.. what a great choice!

  2. What a cutie pie!

    P.S. congrats you won at my giveaway site, check your email!

  3. its always fun to count money. my daughter loves that


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