Wednesday, March 18

Searching For Leprechauns all Day

The princesses spent all day yesterday trying to catch a leprechaun. At school a leprechaun knocked over some chairs, made some messes and left chocolate gold coins for them to eat. On the way home Princess A asked me if a leprechaun was at our house. When we pulled in the garage Princess A pointed out a cereal box knocked over that the leprechaun must be here. She searched the house and found evidence (small messes that Princess G made while she was at school) that a leprechaun was here. She decided that we have to catch him. First they left out pretty things, and then green kisses to entice the leprechaun.
The princesses left out three green kisses and one of them went missing. (I think leprechaun Princess G ate it.) Then Princess A left the kiss on a pretty picture to make it even more enticing! The girls then set up traps all over the house. Next they pretended to be asleep, searched the house and 'heard' footsteps on the stairs.

Since none of the ideas worked Princess A called my Mom (she is half Irish) and left a message asking her how to catch a leprechaun. Nana called around bedtime and told them. First you have to give them an Irish name, call out their name, clap three times and turn around very fast. If you are lucky you will see a streak of green as they run away. After that phone call Princess A tried it over and over. (That tricky leprechaun was just too fast!)

Princess A suggested reading Clever Tom and the Leprechaun to get the leprechaun to come out. Her plan is to get the leprechaun to give her all his gold and then she would become his mother so he would be nice and stop being so tricky.

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