Monday, June 1

First Major League Baseball Game

Daddy has been waiting so long to take the girls to their first baseball game. He bought the tickets months ago and could hardly wait to finally go.
We saw the Giants versus the Mariners, our old home team against our new home team.
We picked up two foot longs from Subway to eat at the game, the girls said they were starving soon after we left the house. We finished them before the game even started.
The girls were so excited they kept telling everyone that it was their first game. Someone told use to go to guest relations for a treat for the girls. They each got a certificate commemorating their first visit and a team flag. The flag was made of felt and came with crayons for the girls to color it themselves. It kept them busy for a while but later I pulled out our Nintendo DSes so Daddy could at least see the 5th inning. We all had so much fun and think we might make it a yearly tradition. Daddy is even looking into getting tickets for the Seattle Storm (women's basketball team). He wants the girls to see that girls can do anything too!
As promised Daddy got them each a cotton candy on the way out.


  1. Looks like a great day! I love taking my dd to different places and letting her see new things. We haven't done a baseball game yet and I think that would be so much fun!

  2. What a great first for them! And it's awesome you were able to chronicle it for them to enjoy in the future too.


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