Monday, June 8

Visit with My Grandma Jean

I have not seen my Grandma since Princess G was a few months old. They stopped by our old house right before we moved. My Grandparents were driving through the area at the time and stopped for a short visit.
It was really nice to have her come and visit for a few days. My Grandma Jean is the only grandparent I have now and the girls' only great-grandparent.

The girls had so much fun showing her all their treasures and playing with her. They were really good to about not going in the guest/playroom without knocking first. We planned on going to the zoo but it we had a heatwave and the temperature was in the mid nineties.

Instead we went to a park, had lunch, she bought the girls each a dress (which they are wearing) and just spent time together. My uncle told me she will be in the area again in August so she will be visiting us again soon. My Grandfather passed away a little over a month ago and we are all trying to help her. They were married over 62 years and it is hard for her to be without him.

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