Monday, June 22

Last Day of School

Princess A was still sick Thursday and was not able to go to school for the day. She wanted to say goodbye and give her gifts to her teachers so we got ready for a quick visit to school. We went a little early and only stayed a few minutes.

Princess A receiving her 'diploma' for graduating from kindergarten. Her teacher got a little teary-eyed as did I. We are planning on a trip to the zoo soon with her teacher and her two daughters.
Princess G wanted to be in the picture too!

Princess A has a student who needs a little extra personalized help in her class. This is the wonderful teacher who helps that little girl. She has also become close to my girls.
Besides the end of the year thank you gifts I picked up for the teachers, the girls made them personalized sketchbooks. They each drew a picture and I used spray adhesive to make it the cover of the sketchbook. The girls were going to make two books a piece but since they were so sick, one for each teacher was enough. It was a good thing Princess A did not stay because about the time class was ending Princess A's fever spiked to 103.4. I spent most of the day and night trying to keep her cool and comfortable. Her fever finally broke early in the morning but she was still sick for days. Today she is finally almost back to normal.

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  1. I hope she gets better soon. I can't believe school is finished today is my sons last full day and half day tomorrow and thats it! Great pics of the girls


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