Saturday, June 13

Princess A Lost her Second Tooth

Wednesday morning as we were getting ready to leave for the zoo she wiggled her tooth out. She was so excited that it fell out with wiggling instead of me gently pulling it. The next morning she woke me before 6:30 to show me what the tooth fairy left her, especially the letter:
Dear Princess A,
I can't believe how big you have gotten since I last visited you. You are doing a great job keeping your teeth shiny and clean, but try and floss a little more often. Keep smiling!
Love, Tooth Fairy.
She also left four quarters, two pennies (one for each tooth that has been lost) and a jewel stuck to the lid of her special Tooth Fairy box. (The Tooth Fairy will leave one each time she collects a tooth.) Princess A was more excited about the pennies than the quarters because pennies are used for wishes. Oh, to believe that all your wishes can come true!

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  1. Congrats! My boy just lost his 3rd tooth. Oh he is getting so big


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