Monday, June 29

Business Trip with Daddy

My darling husband had to go on an overnight business trip at the end of last week and we went with him. The girls were most excited about staying in a hotel and going in the pool. Here they are with their Hippo floaties. There are some outlet malls near the hotel and I really want to check out a few shops. I went in a few, got a few things but did not stay long. The girls only wanted to get back to the hotel!! Later that night Princess G did not seem well. She fell asleep at bedtime, which they never do in a hotel. They always try and stay up. By the next morning I knew she had a fever.

The plan was that I was going to finally get a little shopping done Friday afteroon. Since Princess G was sick we only stopped at a shop selling discontinued Disney merchandise, well after a quick stop at Target for some Children's Ibuprofen. We had seen the shop the day before but it did not open for business until Friday morning. We each got a shirt and the girls picked out Snow White purses (really make-up bags but they think they are purses since that is what Daddy told them.) After the one stop we went home. Princess G is still sick and miserable. Princess A was sick for a whole week so I am going to assume I will be home every day at least until Thursday.

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  1. we sometimes go with my hubby on his trips too :) Looks like fun- too bad your little girl was sick!


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