Friday, June 5

Kindergarten Round-Up Program

Princess A's class had their first and only music program. The kids were to wear jeans and a white t-shirt. This might be the first time Princess A has worn jeans this year. Her teacher told me not to go and buy jeans just for the programs (she know Princess A rarely wears pants and never jeans) but I had this pair as a hand-me-down from my neice. Princess A said they were really nice to wear and wants to wear jeans sometimes (we will see if that actually happens). Here is Princess A lining up for the Kindergarten Round-Up.
I have no I idea why, but they came in, lined up on the stage, took pictures, left, then came back again and finally sang.They sang Old Chisholm Trail, When I First Came to this Land, Rocky Mountain, A Cowboy Needs a Horse, I Love My Little Rooster, and All Around the Barnyard.

Daddy was able to go into work late so he could attend. They had the program about 15 minutes after school started on Tuesday.

The girls wanted a picture with Princess A's teacher. They both love her so much. I can't believe that there are only seven more days of school. Princess A can't wait for summer but is also sad she with not see her teacher everyday.

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  1. Aw, she looked so cute!

    I can relate to your daughter- didn't own a pair of jeans until sometime in college. I still rarely wear them!


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