Thursday, June 18

Today is the last day of Kindergarten

This was Tuesday, Field Day at school (I will blog about it later as I keep having to check on the girls). Today is Princess A's last day of Kindergarten and I don't know if she will be able to attend, she has a fever. The fever started late Tuesday and she missed school Wednesday. I really hope she is able to attend as the girls made gifts for her teacher. Plus she needs to pick up the memory book her teacher (and the parent volunteers including me) have been working on for each students.
I started this post 2 hours ago but with both of them calling me I just finished it. Originally the post was titled 'Tomorrow is the last day of Kindergarten' and I had to change tomorrow into today. Yippee, a whole 15 minutes of quiet!!!


  1. she is styling and profilying LOL
    hope she gets to feeling better too bad about being sick when all the fun goes on

  2. Look alike little cuties, thanks for sharing their pictures!



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