Tuesday, June 23

Celebrating the End of Kindergarten

Since Princess A was sick on Thursday we had to postpone her celebratary dinner. The next day we though she was well enough to go out and she picked Thai food. Just as the food arrived her energy just disappeared. I ended up feeding her, you can see her eyes are so tired. Besides that she said she had a great time.
Of course she found the energy for Daddy's surprise: Toys 'R us! They each got to pick out one thing that was not too much. Princess A decided on a new DS game, Imagine Ballet Star.

Princess G picked a plush Cinderella doll. The doll was in the clearance section and considering stores stopped carrying these dolls over a year ago I wonder where it had been. Princess G was happy because her sister already has that doll as she always loved playing with it. Now she has her own.

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  1. Like I said earlier I do hope she starts feeling well soon. Her dress is very pretty


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