Thursday, June 25

Field Day

Field day at school was the Tuesday last week. It was the last full day Princess A went to school even though she really had a few more before summer vacation started. I was in charge of the hula-hoop station. Here is Princess A running by.
Soon Princess A came and asked if Princess G could go and play with her. They wanted to be independent so I pretended to let them go off on their own. I really watched them from about 100 feet away. Holding hands with some other students they started to skip back. I just knew they were about to fall and they did, it was almost as if it was in slow motion. I ran over but besides some scraped knees and elbows (mostly Princess A) they were fine. (Side note: The school nurse was so lazy she did nothing and offered to do nothing. I cleaned them up in the bathroom and had to ask for bandages.)
After playing on the playground for a while they decided to try the sponge relay race. The teams were girls against boys (kindergartens plus Princess G).
Princess A and Princess G's team won!!

Right before Field day ended they wanted to try the balloon toss. Princess G caught hers once and wanted to keep it and named the baby balloon 'Bubbles'. It was slowly leaking a little water and after a while just popped.

After school I took them out for lunch, the girls favorite bento box (sushi, teriyaki chicken, miso soup and such.) We also make a quick stop at Micheal's to pick up the sketchpads to make the teacher gifts.
We also stopped at McDonald's for ice cream cones. I am so glad we went out that day since later that night Princess A came down with her cold that lasted over a week. She never really went to school any more, besides the quick goodbye to her teachers.

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