Friday, November 6

How to Make an Ice Cream Cake

For my birthday this year I made an ice cream cake, I have made a few ice cream cakes but this time I picked all of the flavors. I found out later my husband had ordered me a cake. He was able to cancel the order early that morning since they had not started my cake yet. Step 1: Take the pan you will bake the cake in and line with plastic wrap, make sure you have enough to fold over the top.

Step 2: Fill with the ice cream you want inside the cake, for this cake I did two flavors since it was my birthday cake I couldn't decide which flavor to use.

Let your helper sample the ice cream, just to make sure it is alright :)

Step 3: Fold plastic wrap over ice cream and flatten to make a flat ice cream disk. Since I have two 9 inch cake pans I just use the other to squish down the ice cream. (Note: I usually only fill the pan half way or for us it is two much ice cream, use the amount you like). Place the pan and ice cream in freezer for at least an hour.

Step 4: Remove the plastic wrapped ice cream from cake pan and return the ice cream disk to freezer.

Step 5: Bake cake using the pan the ice cream was frozen in.

Step 6: Once the cake is cooled I cut off the very top to make the cake flatter. Place cake in freezer while prepping ice cream.

Step 7: Pull ice cream for the frosting out of the freezer and whip about half in your mixer using the paddle attachment. Now move quickly.

Step 8: Remove cake and ice cream disk from freezer. Unwrap ice cream disk.

Step 9: Layer cake, ice cream disk and cake on top (Note the top layer should be upside down for a flat surface.)

Step 10: Frost cake very quickly using the whipped ice cream from mixer. Add more ice cream to be whipped as needed. Now in the fall and winter I can frost in one step. In warmer months I usually frost in two stages and place the cake and ice cream frosting back in freezer in between.

Step 11: Place frosted cake in freezer. Cover the cake with plastic wrap after at least an hour in freezer so the ice cream is frozen solid again.

Step 12: Before serving remove from freezer 15 to 20 minutes (adjust according to temperature) before serving.

Extra notes: I like to use french vanilla ice cream for the frosting because since it already has vanilla bean fleck if a little cake gets into the frosting no one notices.

The ice cream can be tinted different colors just add color when whipping the ice cream.

I hope this made sense, feel free to comment or contact me if you need any clarification.

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  1. Looks really yummy. That was nice of your husband to order you a cake but good thing he could cancel because I bet yours tasted better than anything store bought.


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