Saturday, November 7

Our Halloween

Princess A was Cinderella, her favorite Princess.

Princess G was a lovebug. She originally was going to be Tinkerbell (seen here and here) but after I picked up this costume at Old Navy for less than $2 on Friday, she changed her mind.

Here the girls are at the first house for Trick or Treating. Every year these neighbors are the first ones we visit.

This year only one in five houses was handing out candy, usually it is about half.

Princess G only did five houses last year, this year she did about ten.

Then she was done and Daddy got to carry her home. She did ask Daddy to carry her to one more house and then they went home to hand out candy.
Princess A went one more block and back which only had another five houses handing out candy. We walked much further this year for much less candy. The girls did not mind as they like handing out the candy most of all. We did not have to many trick or treaters (most were not from the neighborhood) either so each trick or treater that came to our house got at least two large handful Princess A handfuls. All in all a great Halloween!

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