Monday, November 9

Museum of Flight in Seattle

For part of my birthday weekend (yes I know it was two weeks ago, I have been sick) we all went to the Museum of Flight. I got to pick between the Museum of Flight or the Pacific Science Center. It was hard to pick but since it was a beautiful weekend I decided it would be better to save the Pacific Science Center. Some of the exhibits at the Museum of Flight are outside so we could enjoy the sunny weather.
Princess A thought a car that can fly was so cool.

She also loved climbing into a real fighter jet cockpit. She looks a little too comfortable in there.

Princess G sat in the first fighter jet but after getting bumped by some not so patient tourists she wanted me to climb in with her.

I just love this picture.
I love that you can see some of the many planes and jet hanging from the ceiling and that my cutie is in it.

We then wandered upstairs to the kid area. Everything is hands on and the kids can just explore! There are a couple of planes to climb in, a hot air balloon, control tower and so much more.

You can also virtually go hang gliding. The girls kept laughing as we crashed into the trees.

Finally we got to the part my husband was waiting for, the Concorde and Air Force one!

Here we are in Air Force One. To think that the leaders of our country have been in that very seat we are in!
There was a line for Air Force One but it meant that you got to explore the plane by yourself.

We also went to the barn where Boeing first started, the exhibits on NASA, WWI and WWII.
When Daddy ran out to the car to get change for the girls squished pennies we played in the gift shop. We were able to see almost everything in two hours. I would of liked to stay longer but the girls were done. My husband can't wait for his parents' next visit so he can take us all back. We had a great time and I recommend visiting the Museum of Flight . If you do go check the Entertainment book, we used a coupon from it that expired 11/1/09, I would check and see if the new one has the coupon too.
As we were leaving the usual chase Daddy game was played. Daddy just starts running in a silly manner and they chase him. Simple but lots of fun!
Have you been to the Museum of Flight? Any other suggestions for great things to visit in Seattle? We are trying to visit new places!
I know we will be planning a trip to the Pacific Science Center in the next few months!

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