Thursday, November 12

Volunteering at School

I finally was able to start helping at Princess A school. Her teacher wanted to wait a while until the kids were settled into the routine. The day I helped they had an assembly and her teacher said I could come after. I ended up going to the assembly and I am glad I did because her class earned three awards, the Golden Broom (cleanest classroom), the Golden Fork (best behaved and cleanest at lunch) and the Beethoven Bobble head (best in music class) and Princess A got to go up and collect the Golden Fork award. Every month the awards are given out and three at once is I believe a school record. I decided to go the whole time because I really can't help very long before I have to pick up Princess G. On the days I volunteer: I take Princess A to school (which means walking her to the back of the school and waiting until they go in), I then race over to drop off Princess at her Pre-K (which starts in 5 minutes but is 15 minutes away), I then go back to Princess A's school to help for a little more than 90 minutes, finally go and pick up Princess G and we go home for lunch. It is a little crazy what I go through to just help out for a little over 90 minutes but I love it and more importantly it means so much to Princess A.

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  1. It is so important to volunteer and be involved in your children's school.
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