Wednesday, November 18

Messiest Room

Princess A and Princess G completely destroyed this room and yesterday I told them to go clean up. They spent over an hour cleaning this room. At least you can see the floor now, you could not before they started cleaning. (I should of taken a picture yesterday since it was even messier.)
They did a bit better in the closet.

The sad thing is that it really is cleaner than it was yesterday.

The girls said the room was clean but when I stood in the door and asked them if Daddy would think it was clean, they did admit it was "a little messy."

I helped them and now it is 'Daddy clean!'
Now I just need to vacuum since there are feathers and glitter all over the floor.
Hopefully I have the messiest room so I can win an Oreck Halo for my husband on MomDot.

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