Thursday, February 25

Baking Pumpkin Bread Hearts

Princess G wanted to surprise her sister, Princess A with a treat so we made pumpkin bread. I thought it would be fun to use some of the batter to make heart shaped ones. I have used the pans for brownies (and old ones to make crayons) but I had not used them for anything else. I think they turned out very nice. Princess G loves them, in the picture above she is about to eat her fourth one. She wants to know if we can have a tea party with them when her sister gets home, I think that is a great idea! Great minds must think a like because The Taste of English Tea Blog is baking and having a tea party with her Grandson and making gluten free muffins.
The pumpkin bread hearts took about 13 minutes to bake. I poured the rest of the batter in a bundt pan which took about an hour and 5 minutes. For some reason I always think these kinds of bread taste better baked in a bundt pan, they just don't taste as good baked in a rectangle bread pans. Of course that is just me. Have you baked lately?

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  1. Looks great! We just made some banana/pumpkin bread this week, but I didn't think about making it in different shapes. Thanks for the idea.


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