Sunday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope your Valentine's Day is going as great as mine. Yesterday the girls made me the 'cake' shown above in the picture I took yesterday. They made it out of bowls, Ritz crackers, circus animal cookies, and Nature Valley Nut Clusters. I ate the Nut Clusters and the girls ate the rest.

Today I woke up to a bouquet of roses and star lilies (my favorite), gifts and a yummy piece of tiramisu. The girls were so excited that I was awake (it was only 7:30 am) so they could finally exchange gifts. First the girls gave Daddy the toffee (here is an easy recipe) we made yesterday morning while he was working out at the gym. We made half plain and the other with chocolate and both sides had heart shapes sprinkles. The half chocolate was the only thing different from last year's Valentine's Toffee. I think toffee for Daddy is becoming a tradition.

The girls opened their gifts next. They each received the Princess and the Frog Tiana doll (the Polly pocket size) and two sweet bows (I won from Munchkin Things and Strings). The girls were so excited. Don't you think these are such sweet bows? Munchkins Things and Strings even made them with my daughter's favorite colors and princesses.

Next I got to open my gifts, a box of See's candy (nuts and chews) and a lovely crystal frame with the girl's picture in it. I was so happy when I opened my gifts and not just because I love them. I was a little worried, I knew he bought my gift from Macy's (I saw the bag) and I was so afraid he bought the same gift I bought him (just like the Wii game at Christmas). Luckily we did not buy the same gift for each other. Feeling very relieved it was then my darling husband's turn to open his gift, a panini press. He loves it. I even went out to the store earlier to pick up all the ingredients to make some panini sandwiches. I bought sun dried tomato turkey, turkey pastrami, roast beef, Havarti cheese, chibatta bread and avocado (for me). As soon as I got home we made the panini sandwiches and everyone loved them. Princess G would not hold hers, they are messy, but she still loved the taste. Princess A loved it so much she wants us to make it again for dinner.

We are having a great Valentine's Day I hope you are too!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you! Your girl's are so cute! It's fun they made a cake! Have a great week!

  2. Happy Valentines day sounds like you all shared a wonderful day

  3. What a great gift!! A panini (sp) press!!


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