Saturday, February 13

Lunch at School for Feburary

My plan is to have lunch at school with Princess A at least once a month. Princess G and I made fresh scones and as soon as they came out of the oven we went to school. Princess A was so surprised and excited when she saw us. She was also a little concerned that Princess G and I only had scones. She very seriously informed me that scones are not a healthy lunch and that you need to eat a healthy lunch everyday. After trying not to snuggle her too much in front of her friends (she is just too sweet) I let her know we had lunch before we came so she did not need to worry.
After lunch we joined her class outside for recess. Luckily it was much drier than last month. Princess G made a beeline for her favorite, I have no idea what to call it I just know that it spins. Princess G played on it quite happily until her head got nudged by a foot. Now I don't want to call it a kick since I saw it and the shoe just slid across her forehead. It still hurt a little so we left before recess was over. I wonder if we will ever make it through a whole recess?

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