Friday, February 5

Running Season has Begun!

Last year my husband ran his first race and plans on running it every year. Last year was the first annual race and I must say it was better run then this year's. The race is suppose to be a 5K (approximately 3.1 mile) it was closer to 2.6 miles or so. One nice thing was they had the race start an hour later. The weather was much warmer this year so we went with Daddy to watch the whole race. The girls played on the playground while we waited for the race to start.
Princess G mostly walked on the perimeter of the playground over and over!
This year Aunt Cathy (my husband's cousin) wanted to be in the race too. Her new husband and I watched the girls play some more on the playground while the runner ran off.

I wanted to make sure I was able to get a picture as my darling husband crossed the finish line (unlike last year), so we headed over to the finish line almost 8 minutes before I expected him. As the course was shorter than it was suppose to we barely got to the finish line when the girls started yelling "I see Daddy" and "Go Daddy!" I did get this picture but no video.

The girls were more excited than Daddy at the finish line as he was a little disappointed the race was too short. He was happy to have his cheering princesses!

Here is Aunt Cathy as she finished the race. She was so proud of herself we did not tell her the course was short. She eventually heard it was short but thought it was still at least 3 miles.
After cooling down and snacking on some of the food for the runner (the girls ate some of the bananas and bagels too) we decided to go out for lunch. We took Aunt Cathy and her husband out for Pho and they loved it. My husband did have to be a little sneaky to pay the bill. When they discovered the bill was paid they got the girls a bubble tea (minus the tapioca balls, as they were out) to share. It was very yummy!
Now we all have the running bug (minus Princess G) and we might be running a race together next month. We just bought a jogging stroller (used) but one tire is flat so I have not been out to try it yet. Wish me luck as if the jogging stroller works well I might run my first race since high school (I ran track and the Run to the Farside race in SF)

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