Tuesday, February 2

Dentist: To Pull or Not to Pull a Baby Tooth

Last month when the girls went to the Dentist and they both had very healthy teeth. Here is Princess G during her exam. The Dentist wants to pull two of Princess A's teeth (she is almost 7). Her new front bottom teeth are fully in and they are very crowded. Their Dentist wants to pull the bottom teeth on either side of the front bottoms. I am not sure. He is hoping that if the teeth are pulled the front bottoms will straighten out. I asked about when permanent teeth of the pulled ones come it, what would happen. He said we might need to shave the baby teeth next to those to give them room to grow in straight. I like the idea of her teeth being straighter but it seems wrong to pull out teeth before they are ready. Though the whole thing could be a moot point since one of those teeth he wants to pull is becoming very loose. Have any of you had your child tooth pulled to alleviate over crowding? Did it work? Or did you still need to get them braces. I am just not sure what to do. The Dentist considers it a foregone conclusion to do it and my husband does not like the idea. Any advice?

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