Tuesday, February 16

Our Olympics

Princess A has been learning about the Olympics at school (she did a report on ice skating) and could not wait for the games to begin. She tried to stay up for the opening ceremony but it was just too late. Saturday night she did get to watch some of the pairs ice skating. That on late too, she only watched the first two pairs. It did capture her imagination. Yesterday morning she put on her own Olympics.
She performed a lovely ice skating routine.
After the applause she 'skated' to the edge of the room and proceeded to pretended to put covers over the blades of her 'ice skates' (really her socks.)
Then was Princess G's turn but she told me we had to watch her in our room since she did not know how to ice skate only ballet. We had Princess A turn the ice back into the floor and then Princess G was able perform (what an imagination!)
Princess G performed a wonderful ballet.
We were then informed that the second program would be on Tuesday.
I can't wait to see the next 'ice skating' and ballet performance.
Are your kids excited about the Olympics too?

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  1. I didn't tell the girls about the Olympics..I forgot!! I probably should have them watch a little of the skating, skiing, etc.! Good idea!


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