Friday, February 26

Pacific Science Center in Seattle

We have been meaning to go to the Pacific Science Center for a while and almost went in October for my birthday. We finally went and we even bought a family membership. As long as we go twice, and believe me we will, it is a bargain. We might even go this weekend since they are having a Polar Science weekend and Princess A is really interested in Narwhals right now.
Princess A loved this bike that you create enough electricity pedaling to light a light bulb, she went on it a few times.
We also spent a long time in the shadow room. If you stand in front of the wall when the bright light flashes you can move and then see your own shadow!
The girls climbed up on this giant chair that was almost chest high for me, it also has a matching giant table.
Princess A got a kick out of the fun house mirror, "Sister hurry over and see this."

Princess G ran over, they giggled, hugged and giggled even harder.

Princess A is almost too big for the little kid area but she still had a blast playing with all of the activities.
Eventually we got to the butterfly house. It is so beautiful (and warm)!
The girls were really hoping a butterfly would land on them.

Instead one landed on my back. Can you see it on my lower back, near the shoe of the person behind me? I walked around for a long time before the butterfly flitted away. I always wanted to use flit in a sentence.
We had kind of skipped all of the other insects in our hurry to the butterfly area so now we had time to explore. They have a lot of different types of beetles and cockroaches.
Princess G wanted to go back to the water play area near the little kid area and Princess A wanted to try the tide pools. Luckily they are right next to each other so I could watch them at the same time.
Princess G (and Princess A) love dinosaurs so of course we had to see those exhibits. On the way out of there we saw this space cockpit and the girls just had to have a turn.

By now we had not seen everything but we were all getting very hungry. The girls tried the mechanical shovel and the tic-tac-toe playing robot and we left. I can't wait until we go back. We really want to see a show in the planetarium but all of the tickets were sold out when we arrived. The next time we go we are going early just to ensure we can visit the planetarium.

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