Sunday, February 21

Delivering Girls Scout Cookies

Princess A (and Princess G) and I have been have been out delivering Girl Scout cookies. Tonight we delivered the last box of cookies that she sold (with her sister's help) in our neighborhood. I also sorted the other cookie boxes and have two totes full of cookies for those they sold at school and pre-K. I also have two full boxes for my husband to take to work. That only leaves the ones we have to mail to family and three other friends. I really want to wrap up the delivery so that we are done. Princess A will still have one shift at a cookie booth outside of a Walmart next month. Princess A wanted to sell 150 boxes to earn the stuffed Panda but she only sold 86 (plus two more I have to get for a co-worker of my husbands). I am proud of her for selling that many. She did earn the cookie patch and a bandanna. Princess G can't wait to sell cookies herself next year. If you missed ordering cookies just look for booths outside stores over the next few weeks.

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