Tuesday, February 23

Wordless Wednesday: Park

Princess G rode her scooter to the park and forgot to take off her helmet while we were there.


  1. If I could get my kid to wear a helmet in the park I'd be a much happier mom! I think we all would be! Never will happen...but one can dream!

    She looks like she's having so much fun! Can't wait for a little sunshine here!

    Happy WW!

    And if you have time please stop by my site too! I've got my WW post up too! And I also have a great give away going right now for Boogie Wipes! Greatest invention since sliced bread!

  2. I'm so jealous of all the park photos we are still buried in snow here. She looks like she is having fun!

  3. Well, she's having fun and wore the helmet without a fight - that is all good!!

  4. oh how, i wish i could start a trend with helmets at the park! lol. and bubblewrap and charmin and saftey nets:)

    she looks so happy:)



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