Tuesday, April 21

Bratz Ponyz 2 Review

The Game Factory also sent a Bratz Ponyz 2 DS game to review. Princess A was just so excited and could hardly wait to play it. Princess A did not even want me to help her get started, she just started playing. Every once in awhile she asked me for help. I played the racing game to show her how to go super fast (you have to swirl and she had been going in the wrong direction so her pony was really slow). She gets so excited each time she earns another accessory for her pony or earns five hearts on a game. (Five hearts is the highest you can score!) She has quite the collection of ballet shoes she earned for her pony to wear. She loves playing so much I even caught her playing the DS under her sheets tonight after I had put her to bed. Like most girls Princess A loves all things ponies and all things dress-up. I don't which part she likes better the dressing-up, the games or the adventure. She loves playing Bratz Ponyz 2 DS game and I suspect that other little girls will to.

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