Monday, April 13

Visiting the Easter Bunny

We took the girls to see the Easter bunny, don't they look so cute with matching dress and sweatshirts.Daddy hopped in line for the Easter bunny and the girls and I went to do the Easter egg hunt.
Princess G found the Golden egg (an egg with a dollar) in it but another kids dove and grabbed it just as she was about to pick it up. The parents actually cheered the little girl for practically grabbing it out of Princess G's hands. She started to cry so I gave her a quick hug and she went back to hunting.

Soon it was time to visit with the Easter bunny.
The girls each gave the bunny a big hug as we left.
We picked up some Daffodils as we left.
The last thing we did was ride the 'train,' which Princess A remembered was the same one from the Christmas Festival.

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