Saturday, April 18

Princess A was on Television

Princess A nominated her teacher for the Teacher of the Week and she won. I found out on the Monday after we nominated her teacher. Friday the local radio and television station that sponsors the contest came to surprise her teacher and all of the students. Even Princess A was surprised as I didn't tell her either. (Princess A dressed up that day to see her pediatrician after school, I was dressed up a bit more than usual but I told her teacher I had a meeting later that day. Not telling her that meeting was 20 minutes later in her classroom.)
Princess A was interviewed and she was so excited while she was talking. They used the film footage but did not use her audio, instead the newscaster talked about her. I listened to her interview and she repeated almost verbatim what she dictated to me about her teacher for the entry essay.We watched the segment Friday afternoon and she looked so sweet. Princess A was talked about almost more than her teacher, even her teacher talked about Princess A. It was very cool to see my baby on the television. You can also see me and the top of Princess G's head.
All of the kids thought the surprise and the goodie bags handed out were great but the best part was Ronald McDonald! He entertained the kids and made lots of jokes. When one of the kids gave him a hug he said "You're squeezing the ketchup out of me!"
He came over especially to talk to Princess A. He asked about her teacher and told her how wonderful it was of her to nominate her teacher. Of course we had to get a picture of of my two girls with Ronald McDonald. Their Nana was almost more excited about them meeting him then being on TV, she has been wanting to meet Ronald McDonald since she was little.

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  1. They look great and how wonderful for the teacher and your daughter.

    thanks for stopping over at my blog and good luck in the contest you entered


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